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Top 10 songs by Rahat.

Raht Fateh Ali Khan is the best singer of Asia sings songs for India and Pakistan. Here’s the list of best songs of Rahat in the last a few years.

Number 10

Sajda by Rahat

Number 09

Dil to bacha ha By Rahat

Number 08

O re Piya By rahat

Number 07

Mein Tenu Samjhawan ki By Rahat

Number 06

Meri Ada Bhi by Rahat

Number 05 Teri ore by Rahat

Number 04

Bol na halky halky by Rahat

Number 03

Tery mast mast do nain by Rahat

Number 02

Isq risk by Rahat

Number 01

Teri mer meri teri by Rahat


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